How To Avoid Wrinkles With Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 And Other Tips

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to staying free from wrinkles. Using  Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 is not only going to prevent wrinkles, but it will help to lessen the appearance of the wrinkles that have already formed. Constant moisturizing paired with drinking a lot of water is one of the biggest things you can do in your fight against wrinkles.

Avoid sudden changes in weight. Slimming and fattening sporadically and rapidly has multiple negative effects on the skin, produces what we know as ‘yo-yo effect’. These weight changes cause the skin to stretch and shrink so rapidly that loses its natural elasticity, causing the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Protect skin from the sun. The skin on the face is exposed daily to multiple external aggressions such as ultraviolet rays, which are very harmful. If you want to avoid wrinkles on the face, it is best not to expose yourself too much sun and protect the skin with sunscreens that have a fairly high protection factor.

Give up smoking. Tobacco is highly harmful to our health but also to the skin. It is shown that cigarette smoke contains toxins that severely damages the skin , stimulating premature aging. Smokers, over time, have more dried out and wrinkled skin than those who are not. Leaving this bad habit is essential to prevent wrinkles on the face.

Do not abuse the ‘solarium’. Subjecting the skin to a tan by artificial UV rays is another of the things you should avoid if you want to avoid wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body. Instead, use self-tanning lotions to get a bronze glow. They’re a lot healthier than exposing yourself to UV rays.